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Call for Papers

The 3rd Conference on Applications in Information Technology (ICAIT-2018) is a platform for students’ research creativity.

ICAIT-2018 represents youth scientific research of many partner universities and networks like-minded young people from around the world.

ICAIT-2018 encourages students and young scientists to get in touch with conference workflow and discover a wide range of conference events.

The 3rd International Conference on Applications in Information Technology (ICAIT-2018) invites original contributions presenting new advances and research results in a rich domain of information technology applications. ICAIT-2018 is a multi-disciplinary conference bringing together under-graduate, graduate, master and Ph.D. students, academic scientists, researchers and scholars working in the domains of IT development and applications.

In 2018 we particularly welcome high quality contributions in the areas which include but are not limited to:

  • Computer Systems and Architectures
  • Software Design and Engineering
  • Web Engineering
  • Control Systems
  • Intelligent and Embedded Systems
  • Cloud Computing and Networking
  • Human-Centric Computing
  • Information Retrieval and Data Science
  • Information Management
  • Mobile and Cross Platform Applications
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Information Technology for Learning and Education
  • Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Game Development
  • 3D Modeling, Virtualization and Visualization
  • Internet of Things
  • Programming Robots
  • Information Technology in Economy