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The program committee selected the following contributions as "Best ICAIT-2018 Papers":

  • Megumi Takato and Yohei Nishidate. Generating Crack Patterns on Planar Geometry by L-system
  • Ivan Blekanov, Mikhail Kukarkin, Alexey Maksimov and Svetlana Bodrunova. Sentiment Analysis for Ad Hoc Discussions Using Multilingual Knowledge-Based Approach
  • Alexander Krylatov and Shirokolobova Anastasiya. Evolutionary optimization of the public transit network
  • Md. Rashedul Islam, Md Abdur Rahim, Hafeza Akter, Raihan Kabir and Jungpil Shin. Optimal IMF Selection of EMD for Sleep Disorder Diagnosis using EEG Signals