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Accepted Papers

ICAIT-2018 Accepted Papers

  1. Alexander Krylatov and Shirokolobova Anastasiya. Evolutionary optimization of the public transit network
  2. Masato Yamamoto, Evgeny Pyshkin and Maxim Mozgovoy. Reducing False Positives in Automated OpenCV-based Non-Native GUI Software Testing
  3. Alexandr Popkov, Nikolay Smirnov and Tatiana Smirnova. On Modification of the Positional Optimization Method for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
  4. Yuriy Kochetkov, Nikita Romanov, Ivan Cilcic and Andrey Ivanov. AVELPOL: A Vehicle Electrics Control System
  5. Egor Budlov and Ruslan Sevostyanov. Colour markers localization system
  6. Megumi Takato and Yohei Nishidate. Generating Crack Patterns on Planar Geometry by L-system
  7. Dmitriy Dorofeev and Sergey Shestakov. 2-tier vs. 3-tier Architectures for Data Processing Software
  8. Takuya Kudo and Hiroshi Saito. Comparison of Pipelined Asynchronous Circuits Designed for FPGA
  9. Oleg Iakushkin, Anna Kondratiuk, Alexey Eremin and Olga Sedova. Development of a containerized system to build geometric models and perform their strength analysis
  10. Oleg Iakushkin, Lilia Tazieva, Alexey Eremin and Mikhail Balabanov. Modification of JPS+ algorithm for optimal pathfinding on uniform-cost grids
  11. Iurii Lezhenin, Artyom Zhuikov, Mikhail Maltcev, Natalia Bogach and Takako Yasuta. Evaluation framework for PitchKeywordExtractor
  12. Nikita Ivanov and Alexander Prasolov. The model of time series as a piecewise-stationary process
  13. Intisar Chowdhury and Yutaka Watanobe. Cluster Analysis to Estimate the Difficulty of Programming Problems
  14. Ivan Blekanov, Nikita Tarasov and Alexey Maksimov. Topic Modeling of Conflict Ad Hoc Discussions in Social Networks
  15. Alina Boiko and Nikolay Smirnov. Approach to Optimal Control in the Economic Growth Model with a Nonlinear Production Function
  16. Mikhail Shirobokov and Sergey Sevryukov. Load distribution in the heterogeneous computer network of the geoinformation system
  17. Ivan Blekanov, Mikhail Kukarkin, Alexey Maksimov and Svetlana Bodrunova. Sentiment Analysis for Ad Hoc Discussions Using Multilingual Knowledge-Based Approach
  18. Md Abdur Rahim, Jungpil Shin and Md. Rashedul Islam. Human-Machine Interaction based on Hand Gesture Recognition using Skeleton Information of Kinect Sensor
  19. Ekaterina Grigut, Ivan Kirajkov and Yuri Senichenkov. Designing application-dependent tools for modeling and simulation on basis of universal modeling environment
  20. Dmitry Girdyuk, Nikolay Smirnov and Tatiana Smirnova. Optimal Control of the Profit Tax Rate Based on the Nonlinear Dynamic Input-Output Model
  21. Md. Rashedul Islam, Md Abdur Rahim, Hafeza Akter, Raihan Kabir and Jungpil Shin. Optimal IMF Selection of EMD for Sleep Disorder Diagnosis using EEG Signals
  22. Fedor Shkolnikov, Andrey Kuznetsov and Evgeny Pyshkin. Merging Tourist Routes for Collaborative Trip Planning
  23. Veranika Mikhailava, Victor Khaustov and Vitaly Klyuev. Microblog classification: mining opinions and assessing credibility
  24. Boris Steinberg, Anton Bagliy, Viсtor Petrenko, Victor Burkhovetskiy, Oleg Steinberg and Elena Metelica. An Analyzer for Program Parallelization and Optimization
  25. John Blake, Jun Inoue and Takumi Kondo. Grammatical Error Checker for Japanese Learners of English
  26. Anton Kiriliuk and Inna Trofimova. Optimization of taxi request order coordination using Monte-Carlo method
  27. Abdulrazak Hassan Abba and Mohammed Hassan. Design and Implementation of a CSV Validation System
  28. Takumi Sato, Georges Meguro and Alexander Vazhenin. WWW-based Remote Controller for LEGO robots
  29. Franck Leprevost, Nicolas Bernard and Pascal Bouvry. Elliptic Curves Discrete Logarithm Problem over a Finite Prime Field Fp and p-adic Approximations